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Working or Travelling abroad

Working Or Travelling Abroad

A small, but important aspect of planning to take up a job outside of the UK or setting off on a journey overseas, is making sure nothing goes wrong at the last minute.  Do you have all the necessary paperwork in place?

Your MyNotary notary may be involved at the start of the process in securing an employment opportunity; for example, if you are a doctor and fancy working in Australia, there are plenty options available, as these websites attest. https://www.ruralhealthwest.com.au/general-practice & http://austmedics.com/ Once you have been accepted for consideration, you will need to provide a LOT of documentation, all of which will need to be certified by a notary public. Documents to be notarised include: – Passport , Additional Photos, Birth Certificate, Statutory Declaration, Nursing Licence, AMC Form, GMC Certificate and Medical Degree Certificates.

Such has been the demand for jobs down-under, and, as the Australian authorities require a specific wording stating that the document was “sighted by me …”, many notaries have had stamps specially made for this purpose. This saves time (and often cost) in getting the paperwork in order.

Over time, I will be adding many more specific examples of where having certain documents notarised can be crucial – for instance, the case where a grandparent and grandchild, on arriving in South Africa, were denied entry and had to get right back on the aeroplane!