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Power of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a written legal document you use to allow another person to act for you. By signing a PoA you create a legal relationship in which you are the principal and the person you appoint is the agent. A Power of Attorney specifies the powers you give to your agent. MyNotary sees more Powers of Attorney than any other document; each one has a story to tell.

For instance, supposing you find your dream villa adjacent to the Mediterranean sea on the Cote d’Azur; to find out how the notary helps you to make it yours, read more at “Country Focus: Buying Real Estate in France”.

Very many international businesses regularly use Powers of Attorney. Quite often the ‘Powers’ are very specific, containing detailed information about an individual transaction or contract.

As a PoA is signed as a Deed, it is important that the notary makes sure that the person granting the ‘Power’ has the authority to do so. For example, it may be that a company secretary cannot sign (grant the power) on the strength of a board resolution. Your MyNotary member can advise.