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Notarisation and Covid-19

Notarisation and Covid-19

If you cannot make face to face meetings in order to carry out business transactions or create agreements, it may be prudent to consider the use of a Notary Public.

In these ever-changing circumstances, it has become increasingly difficult to carry out normal day to day business.  Social distancing and travel restrictions have made it near impossible to carry out international business agreements.  Whereas media tools such as Zoom and Skype have helped to bridge the gap, there is still an issue with the actual execution of documents leading to questions about their validity and authenticity as many documents must be signed in each other’s presence.

This is where a Notary Public can be very useful.  One of the Notary’s key roles is authenticating signatures on documents and ensuring that they are validly executed.

If you need to sign a document remotely, it may be prudent to do this in the presence of a Notary.  Before signing, a Notary will check your identification and your authority to execute the given document.  The Notary will then witness you sign the document and attest to the fact that you have been correctly identified, have authority to sign the said document and have indeed signed the document in person.  The document can then be sent to the receiving party safe in the knowledge that it is authentic and validly executed, which will hold the same weight as if it was signed in front of the receiving party.  The receiving party can also contact the Notary themselves to check the genuineness of the interaction, giving further authenticity to the document.

A Notary Public can be used to verify both domestic and international transactions and can keep your business moving forward until normal times resume.

Contact your local MyNotary notary who will tell you what the notary service will cost. All charges and prices will be explained  before any work is agreed.