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New Rules for Business with Europe

If you are responsible for a limited liability company registered with Companies House, you probably have already received a letter from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy asking “Are you ready or the new rules for business with the EU?”  Many MyNotary members act for

employers that recruit from overseas.  Just in case you are planning to take on staff from overseas from 1st January 2020, know that  you will need to register as a licensed visa sponsor so you may be able to legally hire people from outside. 

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UK employers have to be granted a sponsorship licence by the Home Office before they can employ non-UK resident workers under the new points-based visa system.

Here is a list of institutions licensed to sponsor migrants under the Student route

Register of licensed student sponsors Date: 01-December-2020

Apply for a sponsor licence so you can sponsor foreign workers or students to come and work or study in the UK. NOTE: you’ll also need a sponsor licence to employ EEA  Click to  view countries in the EU and EEA and Swiss citizens coming to the UK to work from 1 January 2021.

NOTE: Irish citizens and those eligible under the EU settlement scheme are not affected