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27 Division St, New York, NY 10002, USA

+1 (044) 123 456 789


If you live in East Cheshire …

Not only is it easy to contact  your local MyNotary member for notarial services near you, but it’s also now even easier to browse the Cheshire East Council website. Their redesigned site, at www.cheshireeast.gov.uk, has been given a fresh, modern look – helping residents, businesses and visitors contacting the council to easily access services and find the information they need.

Improvements to the website include easier and quick access to all services, simple and clear navigation and improved accessibility standards for people with visual, hearing or readability impairments.

With most people accessing the site (and most websites for that matter) from a mobile device, the East Cheshire website has been designed with this in mind, meaning it is responsive to whatever device you are using; just like Jonathan Aldersley’s (a notary in Northwich) website.  Jonathan Aldersley is a partner with Butcher & Barlow LLP, notary service is available at the Sandbach, East Cheshire office.