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How can I get my Fingerprints Verified?

How can I get my Fingerprints Verified?

There are many firms that provide a professional fingerprint-taking service, but you are advised to check if the set needs to be notarised. Particularly if it is an overseas organisation that needs them.  You may not want to travel to have the fingerprint taken and, of course, if you send a set by post or email – they could belong to anyone! 

So,  if your fingerprints need to be verified,  for example, for a  police clearance certificate, regulatory or immigration purposes or identification documents, to obtain a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence, to work with children, as part of an adoption application, to do business with, or work in, the US, to buy or train a racehorse in the US, for foreign professional exams or to work for a company that trades overseas – make an appointment to see one of out MyNotary members.

Please do remember that the MyNotary notary  will need to see any paperwork detailing why a set of fingerprints is required as sometimes a special pre-printed form is required.  For example  – if you are renewing a South African passport, you’ll need to bring the form supplied by the South African embassy.   And if you need your fingerprints taken for the US then you’ll need to download the FBIs own form from their website and bring that with you to your appointment.  U.S. embassies and consulates do not generally provide a fingerprint-taking service.