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Buying Real Estate in the USA

Buying Real Estate in the USA

Regardless of citizenship, there are no laws or restrictions that prevent any individual of any foreign citizenship from purchasing or owning property in the U.S.A.  – just  as long as they are eligible for a Social Security Number. If they are not, they have to apply for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number that will allow them to purchase a home.   A useful link explains the process and comparing it with that of the UK is https://www.myseattlehomesearch.com/blog/buying-a-home-in-the-usa-compared-to-the-uk-and-ireland/

This is where we come in – to assist with the legal paperwork.   You can apply to the American Embassy or one of their Consulates, but it may be just more convenient (possibly cheaper and almost certainly faster) to see your local MyNotary as, because as https://uk.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/notary-services-for-all-nationalities/  Q&A section says: –

Q: “ I have an urgent need for notary services but there are no appointments!”

A: “…. you may consider going through the British system for notarial services. Documents notarized in this way are acceptable for use in the U. S. as they comply with the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. “

Note also; the American Consulate Staff Unit staff cannot serve as witnesses, so if your document requires them, you need to bring your own (along with their proof of identity)… your MyNotary probably can provide a witness for you but do check in advance that this is the case with your chosen MyNotary