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Moving to France?

Thinking of Moving to France?

Supposing you find your dream villa adjacent to the Mediterranean sea on the Cote d’Azur; to make it yours, you will need the services of a local lawyer.  In France, the transfer of property – or conveyancing as it is known in the UK – is conducted by the Notaire.  Unlike in the UK, the Notaire can act for both parties to the transaction.  The Notaire will draw up a lengthy legal document – often 20 pages long and equivalent to the Sale Contract -in the form of a Power of Attorney.

As the PoA contains such important details, we at MyNotary, suggest that clients insist on the document being presented in two-column format; French on one side and English on the other.

If you are fluent in French then this is not necessary.  The reason for this is that your UK based notary must be sure that you totally understand the nature and details of the legally binding transaction you are entering into.

The requirement for Legalisation varies from Notaire to Notaire so we advise, to save on cost, you find out in advance if an Apostille is necessary.