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Additional Documents

Additional Documents

The UK-based notary is involved in a wide variety of, often unusual, transactions. For example, to attest documents issued by The European Medicines Agency (the agency responsible for the scientific evaluation of centralised marketing authorisation applications). Read more at MHRA/EMA-issued documents.

A notary maybe needed to notarise a certificate of entrepreneurship or a set fingerprints, or a document whereby you agree to assign the film rights of your latest novel.

As well as unusual documents to be notarised, you may need a notary to help you prove that an event took place; or even witness an event such as the signing in by Skype of an expert witness to a live court case being conducted in the USA.

Additional documents can include ‘Notarial Certificates’. This is where the notary draws up a statement of facts, for example how, when claiming a pension from – say Jamaica – to prove that you are still alive! Read how at Alive and Kicking.

Another example of where a notarial certificate is needed is to prove the existence of intelligence not in physical format, for example, a doctor’s practising certificate which are not issued in hard copy but only online, or website content that can easily change for day-to-day. Your MyNotary can help.