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ACRO Police Certificate

ACRO Police Certificate

Some form of police clearance check is now mandatory for employment in most sectors, and for the majority of countries when working overseas. This is especially true for all applications for China and Qatar, and in positions such as teaching and banking across the globe. But which types of checks are available, and how do they differ?

The procedure for obtaining police certificates differs depending on the issuing country and is known by various names. In the UK they it is generally called a Police Clearance Certificate, while in Spain, for example, it is referred to as a Certificate of Conviction and in the UAE, a Certificate of Good Conduct. In essence, it is a document that confirms that there is no record of a criminal history.

An ACRO Police Clearance Certificate

This is the most common type of police clearance certificate to be legalised for UK citizens moving overseas. This is generally because an individual can request these checks themselves, and they are internationally recognised by employers for legalisation purposes.  ACRO’s are issued by the Criminal Records Office and show any previously spent or pending convictions. When using an ACRO for legalisation purposes to apply for your visa, the original document is required to be stamped.

However, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS ) is the most common type of clearance requested for employment and volunteer positions for roles within the UK. For overseas positions, an ACRO certificate or similar is usually requested.