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About Us

About us

The MyNotary Network is an informal group of notaries in England, Wales and Scotland. The MyNotary Network is owned by Law Consultancy Services Ltd and managed by Lisa Preuveneers. Lisa works closely with notaries on a weekly basis, advising on compliance matters, monitoring administration and business development generally.

Notaries in England and Wales are regulated though the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Useful Info

MyNotary.co.uk is an online directory of Notaries Public situated in the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Scotland. This site is here to provide you, the site visitor, with a quick and easy access to a Notary who is actively seeking your business.

Notaries in England and Wales are regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Click here to view regulatory information including how to make a complaint against a notary in England and Wales.

Your local MyNotary Notary will advise as to what is the best course of action for you. The MyNotary Network offers a fast-turnaround legalisation and consular service to notaries outside of London. For personal service at a reasonable cost; contact your local MyNotary member or email us at admin@mynotary.co.uk.

If you want to legalise a certified photocopy of a document you should check with the end users of the document that this is acceptable to them; some documents must be originals. As a guide, here is a list of some of the documents that may be legalised.
  • Document in connection with getting married abroad. For example UK Certificates of No Impediment (CNI) or ‘No Trace’ letters. Note only original CNIs and letters issued by the General Register Office confirming that there is no trace of an individual currently being married can be legalised. The legal paperwork you need to complete for an overseas wedding can be confusing. Fortunately help can be found on the Foreign Office web site.
  • UK birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates: only original or certified copies of certificates issued by the General Registry Office (GRO) or local Registry Offices in the UK, or British Diplomatic Missions overseas can be legalised. Only original death certificates issued by a UK coroner can be legalised.
  • UK Educational Documents. Educational documents which are not degrees, diplomas, certificates, qualifications or other awards may be legalised if they have been issued by an educational establishment in the UK. This includes school reports and letters concerning enrolling, attendance, fees and grades. Documents which are degrees, diplomas, certificates, qualifications or other awards can be legalised if they were issued by a recognised educational establishment – we can advise in individual cases.
  • British passports: Only notarised photocopies of the bio data page of British and foreign passports may be legalised; original passports of any nationality may not be legalised.
  • Change of Name Deed Poll: originals as well as copies
  • Religious documents: the notary public will certify original documents as being genuine, and photocopies as being true copies of the original documents such as Islamic Marriage and Divorce Certificates issued by UK mosques, Jewish Divorce Certificates issued by a Jewish Court, Baptismal Certificates of any denomination.
  • UK County Court documents: certified photocopies or original documents issued by UK courts can be legalised.
  • The most frequently notarised document is the Power of Attorney (PoA). A Power of Attorney is a document where legal powers are delegated to another party – this is often done where a person or company needing to complete a legal transaction in another country cannot travel to the country in person. The “donor” appoints another person or lawyer (the donee) to act for them.
  • Certified copy documents such as academic certificates or professional qualifications – often needed when applying for a job outside the UK
  • Wills: if you own property overseas it is a good idea to have your Will specifically mention the property and have the Will notarised. Many European countries have an official Registry of Wills; some property owners have separate Wills for their foreign estates.
  • Affidavits, declarations and notarial acts
  • Certificates of incorporation and other documents issued by Companies House.
  • Export certificates.
  • Documents from HM Revenue and Customs: photocopies or original documents.
  • National Identification Certificates, Association of Chief Police Officer certificates and Disclosure documents: only original with an official signature can be legalised.
  • Medical documents, medical reports and letters issued by UK hospitals and NHS Trusts may be legalised as long as they have been signed by a UK doctor who is registered with the General Medical Council.

The MyNotary Network offers an efficient and professional translation services to and from English. We work with most languages including : –

French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Flemish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Welsh, Greek, Turkish, Finnish, Russian, Other Eastern European…. Arabic, Hebrew, Indian Languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Turnaround time can be just a few days.

For full terms and conditions, contact us at admin@mynotary.co.uk.

Currently, we are only listing Notaries Public situated in the United Kingdom, however we intend to extend the Find-a-Notary service to include notaries located outside of the UK if:

  • You are a notary or legal services provider outside the UK and wish to be listed
  • You provide legal services from the UK in connection with legal matters outside the UK and wish to be listed
  • You operate a notarial directory outside the UK and wish to be listed
  • You wish to represent/ advertise/ market your business to persons or companies that use notarial services. For example: real estate agents selling investment or lifestyle property, travel services, currency exchange services; please contact us at admin@mynotary.co.uk.