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Why do I need to see a Notary?

You are likely to require the services of a MyNotary notary public if you are entering into a legally binding agreement or need to provide proof that you are who you are, or what you say is true, or to claim ownership of intangible assets; for example intellectual property such as a trademark, or ownership of an internet domain name.
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Real Estate Forms
Often in the form of a Power of Attorney, the notary will help keep you safe, making sure you understand the full extent of what you are signing.
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Business Documents
That authenticate business and commercial contracts and agreements, Memorandum and Articles of association, Minutes and Board resolutions. Documents needed when opening foreign bank account or opening branch offices.
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Academic Certificates
There are so many fake certificates easily available online! A notary’s stamp on a certified copy degree certificate or professional qualification ties the document to you.
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Working or Travelling abroad
For example, when a doctor or nurse takes up a post in Australia, there are lots of documents to be certified with a particular form of wording.
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Power of Attorney
This multi-purpose document is signed as a Deed by the person (often termed principal, grantor, or donor) giving another person or party the right to act in the principal's place.
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Additional Documents
For individuals; proof of being alive (often needed when claiming a pension) passport applications , affidavits, travel permissions for children, IRS documents for the USA.

When does my document need to be notarised?

What documents need to be notarised?

Legalisation of documents